About Us

Teeny Tiny Design got it’s start when I was searching for options for our own Adoption Profile.  I was completely frustrated by the lack of templates available.  It seemed like our only options were to hire someone to do a completely custom design (which was extremely expensive) or to create our adoption profile from scratch (which seemed extremely daunting).  As a professional photographer I had lots of experience with Photoshop so I decided to start there and see what I could come up with.


After I completed our adoption portfolio [after countless hours of designing & tweaking], I realized that other people might also be interested in templates for their own profiles – and Teeny Tiny Design was born.


I’ve been exactly where you are right now – equally excited and terrified, filling out mountains of paperwork, trying to imagine the birthmom who would eventually be reading about us, trying to figure out how to show the real us through this ONE little booklet….


I get it.  I really really do.  And I hope I can make the journey a little easier by providing modern, clean designs that allow you to create the perfect adoption profile for your family.  (Ready?  Click here to purchase.)


When you purchase one of our templates you will receive layered Photoshop* templates for each page (these templates work with Photoshop and Elements), information & links to find the fonts, a Clipping Mask tutorial, and printing information (for more details on printing, including printing costs, click HERE).


Please let me know if you have any questions – or drop me an email if there’s a product/color scheme you don’t see but would love to have!


Blessings on your adoption journey,





* If you don’t have any experience with Photoshop/Photoshop Elements but you’re still interested in using one of our templates I can provide you with information on purchasing Photoshop Elements (available for less than $100, as of Jan 2014, and fairly easy to learn) or we can discuss the option of purchasing Word documents templates (these are much more difficult to use but it is possible:).