Printing Information

When creating an adoption portfolio you may be interested in several different uses:  you may be interested in being able to email it, you might want to post it online, &/or you may want to print a hard copy of your profile.  Our adoption profiles have been designed to work in all of these applications.


For emailing and posting your profile online you will simply flatten the pages and save them as individual JPEG or PDF documents (specific instructions will be included with your purchase if you need help with this).


Additionally, these templates have been specifically created for printing a “magazine” style booklet.  The pages are designed to print at a standard 8.5 x 11″ size so they are actually 8.75 x 11.25″ to allow for the proper amount of bleed (the amount that will be cut off during the printing process).  You can print these pages where ever you wish; however, they have been designed with the specific bleed & margins of Short Run Printing (  I’ve found this company great to work with and the quality of their finished product was fabulous.


For your reference pricing-wise: we printed 50 “magazine” copies of our 12-page adoption profile in October 2013; there was a one-week turnaround (from placing our order to having the books delivered) and it cost less than $180 including shipping.


You will receive more details about printing (what paper stock we used, what binding method we recommend) with your Template purchase (purchase your template from our Etsy Store).


Full Disclosure:  I receive NO compensation from Short Run Printing for recommending them and NO compensation should you choose to print there; I just have first-hand experience with them so I feel comfortable recommending them.